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Visionary Academy is a private international institution located in Toronto, Ontario. Our school provides a safe, nurturing and diverse environment in which students are given the opportunity for their total development: physical, emotional, psychological and social; to respect the individual, embrace diversity, and participate in the global community. Visionary Academy is inspired by a belief in the fundamental value of each person—caring teachers, mentors and coaches challenge and enable students to reach their individual potential, preparing them for a life of leadership and making positive contributions to the global community. We are committed to uphold our values and to ensure that the academic and social needs of our students are achieved.


Our priority is to ensure the success of our students. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge, skills and determination required to guide our students to academic success. Visionary Academy provides our students with an excellent academic experience, and we ensure our students are provided with an exciting student life as well. We believe that balance is key to our students reaching their goals and academic success. The benefits of enrolling in Visionary Academy include:


● 100% university placement at top universities in Canada and around the world;

● Dedicated, passionate and caring teachers who are specialists in their field;

● Challenging and engaging academic curriculum based from Ontario High School curriculum guidelines and policies provided by the Ministry of Education;

● Full recreational and competitive co-curricular program;

● Safe and supportive nurturing environment;

● A full range of reliable student services;

● Small class sizes and personalized attention at every grade level;

● A wide range of after school clubs and activities.

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