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Homestay  Accommodation

Our school is connected to some of the top rated homestay hosts in the North York region. We will ask you to fill out an application form to understand your needs and find a homestay that will best fit you. Each homestay has a host there to welcome students into their home and offer guidance and assistance during their stay. The benefits of Homestay are:


● Welcoming and friendly atmosphere;

● Carefully selected by our Student Services Officers and visited on a regular basis;

● Chances to improve your language skills;

● The opportunity to live like a local and meet local people.


Our Process In Finding the Best Home For You:

To ensure that our students’ stay is comfortable, safe and of top quality we:

● Screen all adults in the home with police check performed through the Toronto Police Department;

● Inspect each home before and during the student’s stay to ensure that quality is maintained;

● Ensure students are taken care as members of a family, in a “home away from home” setting;

● Homestay families include the visiting student as a new member of the family -- participating in family meals, going on outings, trying new activities;

● Ensure that three, healthy meals with a variety of foods are provided for each day.


Find Your New Home Today:

1)Fill out an application form;

2)Specify your requirements, requests and restrictions;

3)Interview with an VA representative;

4)Meet with homestay hosts;

5)Choose your best fit;

6)Sign your lease agreement with the host;

7)Move in!

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