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The International Students are well supported by Visionary Academy upon their arrival and during the entire duration of their stay. Our full range of services are available for Visionary Academy’s International Students:


1)Course Selection:

Our dedicated staff members are always on hand to provide guidance to our International Students in a range of areas, including: course selection, university placement assistance, getting set up in Toronto, and more.

2)Regular Communication With Students:

We follow up on students’ progress as part of our assistance programs for International Students. Our staff schedules regular updates with each student to follow up on their progress and see if there are any areas they require further assistance with.

3)One-On-One College/University Application Counseling:

Visionary Academy is passionate about helping our International Students achieve the future of their dreams. That’s why we offer one on one college and university application counseling to every student, so they can pursue the future careers that they desire.

4)Multilingual Support:

A vital part of welcoming our International Students is offering them support in a range of languages they may be more comfortable speaking in. Offered languages include Mandarin, English, and French.

5)OSSLT Training:

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is an essential requirement for students in Ontario, which determines whether they meet the minimum standard for literacy across all subjects. We help our international students prepare for this test with dedicated support.

6)University Preparation:

Following graduation, many of our International Students will want to further their education at university. We help our students prepare for university admission with dedicated preparation support.

7)Onsite Security:

We take the security of our students very seriously. That’s why we have dedicated onsite security to protect our students and ensure a safe and supportive environment.

8)Real-time Communication With Parents And Host Family:

Moving to a new country as an International Students can be daunting. We ensure all of our students have real-time communication access to their parents and host families for emotional support.

9)Assistance In Dealing With Medical Insurance:

Having access to comprehensive medical insurance while in a foreign country is crucial to ensuring a safe International Students experience. We assist our students with navigating the sometimes confusing channels for medical insurance.

10)Arrival Confirmation And Airport Pickup:

Arriving in a new country can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting to your host family from the airport. We organize airport pickup for our International Students to help them get settled as quickly as possible.

11)Recommendations And Arrangements For Homestay Families:

We assist all of our International Students with sourcing and securing an appropriate homestay family that will help them embrace the Canadian way of life.

12)New Arrival Orientation:

Once you have arrived in Canada, Visionary Academy hosts a detailed new arrival orientation to help get your bearings around the local area and know where to find everything you need.

13)Full Counseling On Living In Canada:

We provide complete support to all of our International Students to assist them in adjusting to life in Canada. Full counseling is available whenever necessary.

14)Bank And Phone Account Registration

Setting up access to proper banking and phone services is vital to life in Canada. We assist all of our International Students with gaining access to these services once they arrive in Canada..

15)Toronto Library Card Application:

Getting a Toronto Library Card is one of the best free resources for International Students studying in Canada. We help all students fill out and submit their card applications.

16)Toronto Transit Card Application:

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the main way many international students get around the city. We help every student apply and set up their TTC accounts for easy transit.

17)Visa And Study Permit Renewal:

Having the right visa and study permits are required for international study in Canada. We help every student submit the right forms and applications to ensure they meet all legal requirements.

Image by Brooke Cagle
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