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Parental  Connections

Visionary Academy makes sure to establish close relationships with the parents of our students to ensure effective communication is being met. By doing this, every parent of an Visionary Academy student can understand their child’s experience in Canada. We make sure to include parents in every aspect of their child’s stages of development.


From fulfilling our student’s hobbies, to their experiences in the classroom; parents are included in every step.


Parental Partnership System:

Our staff will directly communicate with the parents of every student. The school will regularly report to the parents of the students on their academic performance and attendance. The school committee will conduct video or teleconferences with the parents of the students, according to the situation, to help the parents get a better understanding of their child’s experience. The school encourages parents to come to Canada to visit the students. The school committee will provide parents with invitation letters, airport pick-up, accommodation arrangements and other comprehensive arrangements during their visit.

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